iTP A3 EOS 96 Lumens Flashlight – Upgrade Version 1 x AAA battery

iTP A3 EOS 96 Lumens Flashlight – Version 1 x AAA battery
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  • iTP A3 EOS 96 Lumens Flashlight – Version 1 x AAA battery
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  • Last modified: May 23, 2015
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The good gear needn’t cost the earth. The iTP A3 EOS is both very good and very affordable. The workmanship is excellent and the body is hard-wearing.

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iTP A3 EOS Upgrade version – See it at Amazon

Editor rating
+ 8/10 Good but not great
+ extremely light and small
+ fantastic output
+ takes rechargeable batteries
– poor-quality keychain (for old version with max output 80 lumens)


  • Diameter: 14 mm (0.56”)
  • Length: 66.5 mm (2.61”)
  • Weight: 9 grams (0.31oz) (excluding battery and keychain)


The LED flashlight industry has made enormous strides in the past few years and is constantly evolving. The production of ever smaller lights with ever increasing output is arguably the greatest advance in the torch world. This is perhaps most noticeable among keychain lights. Such lights were once only powerful enough to find the lock on your door. Now you can easily use them to light your path in complete darkness.

I bought the ITP A3 Eos after doing some online research. I wanted a stainless steel keychain light running on a single AAA battery.

The ITP A3 EOS Keychain Flashlight

  • The light comes in a smart tin box with a pocket clip, a keychain, and 2 spare o-rings.
  • Even though I already knew the dimensions of the light, I was still taken aback by how tiny it appeared. It is not much bigger than my front door key.
  • I immediately detached the clip because I thought it would snag on things in my pocket. I have never used it but it looks solid enough.
  • The fittings are very smooth and the light is sealed with an o-ring. The A3 has 3 output levels. The default level is medium. It is possible to operate the light with one hand.

Output and Runtime

The A3 has the following advertised outputs and runtimes:

  • Medium 18 lumens (4 hours)
  • Low 1.5 lumens (50 hours)
  • High 80 lumens (55 minutes)

The output on maximum is magnificent. If, like me, you are already numb from reading the superlatives about torches on the highest level, consider this: the A3 is smaller and thinner than my big finger, and I have small hands. The lens diameter is smaller than the smallest coin of several currencies I have here. It runs on a single battery normally used for low-drainage items such as a TV remote control. Despite these handicaps, it easily lights my small garden with a smooth beam of light.

  • The light has a flood beam of about 6 metres in diameter. The hot spot is about 2 metres wide.
  • The torch always reverts to medium after switching off, which is good because this is the brightness level I use most.
  • The low level is perfect for reading in the dark.

The iTP A3 EOS In Use

The term EDC (everyday carry) is used by outdoor enthusiasts to describe equipment which they find indispensable in daily life. This can vary a lot, depending on the users and their needs.

The  iTP A3 EOS is my only EDC. It is unnoticeable in my trouser pocket, so there are none of the inevitable “Is that a sword in your pocket….” type comments. I am very much a ‘less is more’ person, so anything which I carry everywhere must be as light as possible.

About the iTP Keyring and Chain

I remembered that I replaced the iTP keyring and chain with a better one. I also remembered why.

On the first day of use, when putting the light back in my pocket the chain snagged on some loose stitching, came apart from the light and fell to the ground. I only realised this when I returned home and tried to open my front door with my keyless light. Fortunately, this happened outside a local supermarket and the keys had been handed in. It could, however, have equally occured in a muddy field in the back of beyond.

As the keyring and chain are such integral parts of the light, with iTP A3 EOS 96 Lumen Flashlight – Upgrade Version, its keyring and chain are better than before.

So What have I used it for?

Well, quite a lot. A few examples: the light in my cellar switches off automatically, so instead of fumbling along the wall to find the switch, I just switch on the  iTP A3 EOS. It also proved useful a couple of times when trying to locate the fiddly locking mechanism under my car bonnet. The low level lit up my novel on an overnight bus trip to Poland, and the max has even been used as a makeshift bike light during a temporary power cut!

The light has been bashed by my keys for the last 14 months and has emerged relatively unscathed. As you can expect, there are some signs of wear but this is mostly restricted to the casing around the lens, where there are slight scratches. The original shiny metal has become slightly matt with age but the ITP engraving has remained intact and unscratched.


The good gear needn’t cost the earth. The iTP A3 EOS is both very good and very affordable when you consider. I bought the more expensive stainless steel version. The workmanship is excellent and the body is hard-wearing.