Comparison of the Fenix AF02 and the Twofish Lockblocks Bike Mount

Introduction For more details about both of these products, please see our reviews! (Fenix AF02 and Twofish Lockblocks) This is our first side-by-side review and it comes with mixed feelings as we would not like to be accused of preferring one product or brand over another. When reviewing flashlights to take two extreme examples, this standpoint can be justified. There are … [Read more...]

Bike Flashlight Mount – Fenix AF02 Review

First Impressions The AF02 came in an easy to open plastic transparent package. There is no instruction booklet or accessories included. My first thought was that it looked rather big and chunky. There are two good-quality screws at the bottom which fix the mount to the handlebars. They both fit very smoothly, but their length means they take rather long to screw and … [Read more...]

Twofish Lockblocks Reviews – Flashlight Mount for Bikes

I have tried several bike mounts in the past and there was always some point where I felt it could be improved. The maglite mini mount was great quality but only fitted the mag. I had considered the Fenix version which looked very solid, but I wanted something which was quicker to release. I loved the locking function on Sigma lights, but unfortunately that was integrated into … [Read more...]