Spark SL6-800CW Flashlight

Pros: + Light and compact size + Easy to operate + Two switches + Great bike light Cons: - Turbo only works with certain batteries - Turbo very hot This light was kindly lent to us by: Introduction Chinese flashlight makers are among the best in the world. It is therefore hardly surprising that, given such a dynamic economy and an almost insatiable … [Read more...]

Spark Headlamp ST6-360CW

Pros: + Batteries fit both ways + Easily adjustable + Great beam on maximum Cons: - Very hot on maximum mode - Medium mode too low First of all, many thanks to Frank Wöhler from This light was kindly lent to us by for all his patient answers to my enquiries. Introduction Not so long ago the headlamp market was dominated by a couple of big players who … [Read more...]