Finding the Best Led Headlamp for Your Specific Application

This guide assist you in finding the best led headlamp for your specific application. There are dozens of different headlamps and headlamp manufacturers to choose from. My hope is that this guide will help you in your search for the best headlamp. While headlamps are traditionally used in outside activities they can useful around the home as well. Anytime you need focused … [Read more...]

Spark Headlamp ST6-360CW

Pros: + Batteries fit both ways + Easily adjustable + Great beam on maximum Cons: - Very hot on maximum mode - Medium mode too low First of all, many thanks to Frank Wöhler from This light was kindly lent to us by for all his patient answers to my enquiries. Introduction Not so long ago the headlamp market was dominated by a couple of big players who … [Read more...]

Fenix HL21 Headlamp

Editor rating + 8/10 Great Gear Pros: + Great thrower + Moderate price + Useful diffuser + Excellent runtime Cons: - Fiddly operation Introduction Just imagine you’ve travelled in a time machine to more than one hundred years ago when the flashlight was not yet on the market. You land in the laboratory of a company which has just invented a battery-powered light. … [Read more...]

Fenix HP20 Headlamp

Editor rating + 9/10 All-around amzing gear Pros + Extremely tough + Powerful output + Excellent runtime Cons - Company advertising claims Introduction Once again, a heartfelt thanks to Vitus for allowing me to test the HP20 for a short time. Vitus works for an oil pipeline company and his job, amongst lots of other things, involves going into the pipeline and … [Read more...]

ITP H01 Headlamp

Editor rating + 6/10 Ho-hum Pros + good runtime + great beam + excellent output + absolute lightweight Cons - not so easy to adjust - switches on without warning Dimensions Diameter: 16.2mm (0.63 inches) Length: 52.5mm (2.06 inches) Width: 36.2 mm (1.42 inches) Weight without battery: 50.8g (1.79 oz) Introduction I used to see people wearing headlamps as sad … [Read more...]