Best Fenix Flashlight Review – Top High Quality for Reasonable Price

Have you been wondering where to get the best flashlight torches and tactical flashlights? There is no need to worry anymore. The Fenix flashlights offer world class flashlights with up to date technological LED lights that offer you satisfied functionality and use. Fenix torches come in a wide array, The Fenix TK35, Fenix LD22, Fenix E25, Fenix TK15. They all come with different features so you have to decide which one suits you after reading this. Remember Fenix is one of the leads others follow.

Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition – 1800 Lumen Cree MT-G2 LED

If you really want excellent lighting with durable functionalities, the Fenix TK35 ultimate edition flashlight is what you need. With its unique hand fit design, you’ll be surprised with what this little light monster can do. Whether you are on your hunting expedition, hiking or bush strolls, you’d better have exchanged vows never part with this torch because it will never disappoint you. Make your friends envy your light during dark nights when their old surefire lights would have gone off.

Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition - 1800 Lumen Cree MT-G2 LEDYou don’t have to worry about dark days again, illuminate your way through the thick bushes and have your friends puzzled. WOW! This baby is just incredible, offering you longer light distance. This is one torch that should have safety advice. But just in case, DO NOT POINT IT DIRECTLY IN THE EYE at turbo mode. This baby might damage your eyes as it has a high lumen glow. In fact you don’t need to worry about your safety anymore when you have this at your reach.

Take advantage of the turbo lighting when desperate situations call. Surprise your victim in the darkness with the blinding light beams. OMG! There is more to this tactical flashlight than you can imagine. The Fenix TK35 ultimate edition is not restricted to a single functionality. By low lumens you can do some studies at close range without worrying about the battery power. This feature is common in all Fenix flashlights.

The cost of the Fenix TK35 ultimate edition is almost the same as other high quality flashlights, even cheaper than other Fenix- es series. So this shouldn’t be a bug for you anymore.

If you are somebody who knows what excellence is about then order this today on Amazon! You’ll be obsessed with it.

Fenix LD22 Flashlight – 215 Lumen Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED

The Fenix LD22 flashlight is the junior version of the Fenix flashlights, if you are looking for a quality torch that offers good quality at a cheaper price then you might want to consider the Fenix LD22 flashlight. Its price is very reasonable as compared to other LED flashlights with the same features in the market.

Fenix LD22 Flashlight

Its design will make you realize that it is worth the price. It is suitable for all your lighting needs whether for study or night outs, this baby will be something you’ll need to carry along. You are guaranteed quality lighting with the latest LED technology.

The Fenix flashlight type are design with hard covering aluminium similar to the one is used in airplanes. This makes it damage proof due to accidental falls also gives it a waterproof shell of up to 2m also has the latest Cree LED lights for better lighting and some do come with reverse battery protection for protection against reverse voltage.

The light output is surely impressive and user reviews show that the Fenix LD22 flashlight has effectively utilized its features. It produces more light and doesn’t consume battery power quickly. Regardless of Its small size, the Fenix LD20 flashlight is packed with incredible features way too unbelievable. Huh? Do I need to tell you more than just informing you that the secret to quality light is the Fenix?

Go get yours today or better yet for the best prices, order yours at a cheaper price on site.

Fenix E25 Flashlight – 260 Lumen CREE XP-E2 LED

Think about a solid build and quality lighting. The Fenix E25 Flashlight is what should have popped into your mind by now. Very simple to operate and has a comfortable design. This light god is very easy to operate and won’t give you problems when trying to switch between different light levels. Yikes! The Fenix E25 Flashlight doesn’t need a manual to operate.

Fenix LD22 Flashlight – 215 Lumen Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED

This flashlight is very ideal when it comes to your daily use, whether on very thick dark forest or a dark cave. It acts as a searchlight. Able to light up even 3 blocks away. You wouldn’t have to worry about your pet dog getting lost in the middle of the night as you will spot its glowing eyes in that distance. Fascinating isn’t it?

Among the product reviews, many people find this torch very satisfactory and surely worth the price. It does run for longer times as compared to other led flashlights which has the same battery type and it uses 2AA batteries that are easily available.

The Fenix E25 Flashlight comes with an average price of about $35. Making it a budget fit torch, in comparison with other. Even with such an attractive price, you have to be very careful when purchasing this type of torch as it has been proven that some illegal companies fake it.

Save your bucks today and order genuine Fenix E25 on site.

Fenix TK15 Tactical LED Flashlight – 400 Lumen Cree XP-G (S2) LED

The Fenix TK15 tactical flashlight is one torch you’ll love for its features. It’s a peoples companion as this torch comes at a cheaper price as compared with other flashlight out there and has a lot to offer. This light monster will make you loose appetite for other torches. It is surely of excellent quality and switching in between different brightness level isn’t a hustle.

Fenix TK15 Tactical LED Flashlight – 400 Lumen Cree XP-G (S2) LED

You can use it for various purposes; all you have to do is just adjust the different output levels. Whether it’s for studying, checking out objects nearby or even thick bush adventures this would be your ultimate torch to light up your paths.

When you come across other multiple brands like O-light and Surefire lights, you’ll love this Fenix Tk15 flashlight because of its user interface. It comes with the new switch mode design makes it easier to operate. It also offers good battery life and so you don’t have to keep worrying about its runtime.

It’s just so good you won’t believe it, getting this product online is very simple. Even though it’s widely available, it can be problematic due to fakes. Why waste your cash on a fake product?

Get the best of the Fenix Tk15 led flashlight from store.


Once you have identified your best type of LED flashlights, please be careful about buying fake Fenix products. Order yours today at Amazon and have 100% genuine Fenix flashlights delivered to you and you will also get money back guarantee too if you aren’t satisfied.

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